A Child’s Phases

My shoulder feels numb. So I try to change positions on the
sofa as I watch the final scenes of the movie. We’ve seen “Up” more than five
times already and he still has questions, “Flushed Away” more than 10, and I’ve
lost count of “Bolt”. I could almost quote each line of every movie as if they
were my own manuscript, yet I seem to never get tired of them. Sometimes the
memory of him as a small babe runs endlessly through my head. Like that one
summer time when his hair was too long and bothersome and he wouldn’t stay still
on the chair the day I tried to cut the extra strings falling on his forehead.
Now and then he still brings back loose memories of such times by
calling out to me from the shower to show me his Mohawk or mafia boy hairstyle
filled with little white soupy bubbles.

The faster he grows the faster I feel him slipping through my
fingers. I can’t seem to get a grasp of him anymore. But I still chase him
through every phase.

It all started with Spiderman. I still don’t know why him in
specific, I often thought Batman made more sense. But nonetheless, Spiderman
came with us every step of the way. Two more years and the Spiderman toys were
now replaced with Cars. I believe we still own eating utensils of the animation
movie. That phase didn’t last long, for now I saw SpongeBob everywhere in the
house. Therefore his birthday was SpongeBob related, and ever since, he’s never
liked a cartoon more than that one.

The SpongeBob toys disappeared as well…Now the house was
hunted by dinosaurs. I think there was a time when even I dreamt about
dinosaurs. His fascination with Jurassic Park was over whelming. So now he owned
books related to them, along with “Zoobooks”. I can say I’ve never been so proud
of anyone in my life as much as I am of him. He knows about almost every living
animal on the planet, with details and facts about each and every one of

And like that his curiosity is infinitely expanding. The
shows are no longer just animated. The movies have become more educational. The
questions more difficult to answer. I find myself asking for instructions on how
to take care of him now that he has grown. He said on his last birthday “Now I’m
in the two digits” and unfortunately I’m still contemplating the single ones.


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