Lifetime Connections

Sometimes someone comes along unexpectedly, and without ever realizing their effect on you, their words travel to the core of your being, bringing to the surface memories or personality traits you once had to bury deep down inside. Why? Well because perhaps you thought you needed to be disguised, sheltered, or hidden from the world, because who you truly were would be unacceptable, rejected, or simply too much for others to know how to handle. Yet this person takes their time to explore your world, to appreciate it a little more, to see what has been carefully hidden, and you’re at home. You have become with this person the wonderful individual who was once part of a society, you are real, and for once you are at ease with yourself. They give you compliments that get your attention, not the daily superficial ones. No. I’m talking about the comments that have bloomed from this individual, their conclusions; the ones that make you stop and wonder what parts of you have you let out so that this person can soberly look past the veil you wear and into your heart.

It was like that with you, lying in bed, talking, laughing, with no commitments or compromises that you became not another friend in my world, but one that I still cherish because through the empty mirror you saw someone I didn’t even recognize anymore; myself. At that time there was so much I wanted to say, to show you now that I was bare under your eyes, instead I stood speechlessly immobile, pretending that you had not reached in and out of the depths of my soul and smiled and lied, saying I was alright, when in reality you had me at a disadvantage. With you I am a girl and I am a woman, I am innocence and corruption, I am who I was meant to be and whom you’ve brought up to become, and with no further doubt, with you I have made the connection of a lifetime.


3 Comments to “Lifetime Connections”

  1. I saw your comment on my blog and decided to pop over and just wanted to let you know, I LOVE the way you write.

    I will be checking back often.

    Good work!

  2. There is a lyrical truth in your writing, welcoming and revealing.

    Just when I think I would be better off hiding forever more…there is a someone like you describe…if just for a moment…

    • I read somewhere that a woman is an ocean of secrets. I’m just revealing part of those secrets, of female characteristics no one has heard of before. Something like, the strength of a woman is as strong as a man’s. I should write about that later. Once again, thank you for being attentive.

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