Young Innocence

I got to see Arlene this summer, it had been a couple of
years since I last saw her and so much had changed, yet we talked for hours, as if time hadn’t affected our friendship. Her visit was short, but the hours got lost in time as we scammed through our memories, our history, and the love for one another.

I had stayed at a beach house in Varadero, so we went together to the shore with a bowl topped with chopped mangoes, and there we remembered the fun and innocence that came with those younger years of our lives, before the world of awareness stole our undoubted imagination.

Arlene and I used were two reckless little girls, two
good girls that caused a lot of trouble. She had an old bath tub in her patio, where the chickens ran free and the grass was a bit higher and the snakes rambled through the flowers of the yard. We would fill our ancient luxury at noon as the world napped
through the day. We would mix diverse flavors in the kitchen and run from there
to the tub with chocolate covered lips, naked, unaffected by the world’s opinion
about us, bare to Peeping Tom and whoever else dared watch. We would sit at
opposite ends, telling each other the most imprudent stories, the most scariest
foulest myths, what we had learned, what we had heard. Now in mourn I described
my New World, where girls were considered deviant if they bathe together, where
an open shower was inadequate unless you risked the probability of your face
posted in the media the morning after, thanks to one perverted neighbor.

We swam in the crystallized ocean, we laughed, we ate, and we fell asleep together that night, our feminine scent taking its journey about the room, capturing our nostrils, and sending us to dream. Once the rays of sunshine found their way into the room I opened my eyes, and my childhood memory was gone.


4 Comments to “Young Innocence”

  1. This is a beautifully written piece about friendship…catching up…to relive the simple unaffected pleasure of your childhood association ‘ before the world of awareness stole our undoubted imagination.’

    “Undoubted imagination…’ I love that! Though there are many beautiful phrases throughout (‘our ancient luxury”, ‘chocolate covered lips’, ‘the crystallized ocean’, ‘our feminine scent taking its journey about the room’). Your style is like the subject of this post…simple but complex.

    Your writing is layered and I like that. For me, what you present here is the past reflecting the present…such a sweet and heartwarming story recalling the sad paranoia that exists today and makes innocence impossible far too soon.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I am so glad you have directed me to yours. I look forward to catching up and following your future posts.

    • I’m overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you so much for your comment, it motivates me. Hopefully I will be able to impress you further. I will keep checking on your account as well, you are a beautiful writer. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Your words hit me like light from a flashbulb on an old-school camera. There are spots like raindrops on the surface of my studio window, left behind when the flash has dissolved. Here is one of my favorite moments.

    “We would fill our ancient luxury at noon as the world napped
    through the day.”

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